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Parkview Moving truck promoting a cure for cancer.

Statement of Claim

The terms and conditions on the moving contract and the damage guarantee document apply to all submissions. Before this request may be taken into consideration, all moving expenses must be paid in full along with a $100 deductible fee.

    • All claims must be submitted within 30 days of delivery. We will acknowledge your claim within 3-5 business days. Full completion of claim may take up to 90 days (longer in some rare circumstances).
    • If DAMAGE claim do not attempt to repair, replace or dispose of any damaged unit Kemptville has had a chance to have the item independently inspected.
    • If LOSS claim describe in detail, color, identifying features where and when last seen.

    This form submission attest that the statements above and the photos attached are true and correct and constitute the complete and entire claim. It is further agreed that this form does not constitute an admission of responsibility by Kemptville Movers but is merely assistance in presenting the claim for consideration. Upon completion of repairs, replacement and/or cash settlement of any items names above accepted as liability by Kemptville Movers.

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