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A mover packing a moving truck perfectly.

Moving Tips

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    Save time and money with thoughtful packing

    Small boxes are recommended for books but movers like bigger boxes for everything else. Heavier, larger boxes mean fewer boxes to move, which means your move gets done faster and you save money. Boxes up to 60lbs can be moved without issue.

    Bringing boxes to the main level where the movers can take them out on a dolly is another time-saving trick.

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    Packing and moving hacks from the pros

    • Boxes should be full and snug, but not over-packed. The boxes will likely be stacked, so ask yourself if they can handle the weight of other boxes.
    • Tape the bottom of heavy boxes securely.
    • Clearly mark boxes that are FRAGILE on the top and SIDES so we can read them when stacked.
    • Identify each box with the room it belongs to in the new house for proper placement and simplified unpacking.
    • Always have extra boxes on hand for move day for last-minute items.
    • Leave only soft goods (clothing) in dressers.
    • Books should be packed horizontally and in smaller boxes.
    • Plates should be packed on edge and glasses packed upside down. (We do not recommend newspaper to wrap dishes as the ink will transfer. We sell unprinted newsprint and bubble wrap for these items.)
    • Remove light bulbs from lamps, as well as the lampshades. Pack both in boxes or take them in a separate vehicle.
    • Take flat screen TVs in a separate vehicle when possible. If not possible, they will be blanket wrapped in the truck. Parkview Moving Co. can professionally pack a TV for a small charge.
    • DO NOT USE garbage bags to pack, they can easily be mistaken for garbage and tossed. Everything that can be packed in a box should be in one.
    • Disassembled all appliances and electronics that will be going with you before the truck arrives.
    • Freezers must be empty and have been unplugged or thawed for at least 24 hours.
    • Gym equipment, jungle gyms, outdoor swings, and gazebos must be disassembled before the movers arrive. Special arrangements can be made in advance when required.
    • Consider taking sensitive, fragile or awkward shaped items with you in your vehicle, such as plants, pictures, jewellery, and liquids.
    • Disassemble bookcases, beds and desks wherever possible to save time.
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    The movers need a safe place to park without being in violation of parking rules. They need to be as close to the home as possible on pickup and delivery. Make sure you are aware of parking restrictions and get a parking permit if required.

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    If you need to use an elevator at either resident, don’t forget to book these in advance.

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