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A view of a small fishing village on a rocky shore while moving to Nova Scotia.

Moving From Ontario to Nova Scotia

The Advantages of Relocating From Ontario to Nova Scotia

There are many valid reasons for wanting to leave a big city like Ottawa for example, whether you’re fed up with high rent prices, tired of the fast-paced lifestyle, or simply itching to try something new. Below you will find some good reasons why you should move from Ontario to Nova Scotia.

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    It’s much easier to pay your bills

    Living in a big city often means paying big city prices. If we are going to compare Ottawa and Toronto, these cities are two of the most expensive cities in the country, with one-bedroom apartments currently renting for much more money than Halifax or New Glasgow.

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    There are a lot of outdoor activities available

    This province provides a variety of outdoor activities, such as snowshoeing in the winter, surfing in the summer, and hiking along the coast in the spring when the flowers begin to bloom, so there will be plenty of opportunities to connect with mother nature. You can move to Lunenburg, Queens, or even West Hants and all these places have so much to offer you.

  • Beaches and fun in the sun.

    Nothing beats east coast hospitality

    East Coasters are known for their friendliness, a major reason why Nova Scotia is such a great place to live in. If you really want to improve your community relations and you want to know the people who live around you, this province is a great option to start your life. You will feel at home! In big cities like Vancouver, Montreal, or Ottawa, this is a little more difficult because everyone is in a hurry, they have a busy life and sometimes there is no time to welcome you!

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    How much does it cost to move from Ontario to Nova Scotia?

    Moving can be both an exciting and stressful experience. Packing up your belongings, moving them to your new house, and settling in a new location can be time-consuming. While hiring a moving company makes the physical act of moving easier, it can also bring with it a new set of stresses.

    When calculating the cost of your move, the overall size of your home is the most important factor to consider.
    Keep in mind that there are numerous factors that can influence the cost of your relocation. For example, if you choose to have the movers pack your belongings as well as move them, you will be charged an additional fee. Another consideration is timing: are you moving during peak season? Is it on the first or the last day of the month? Keep all of these considerations in mind and choose a company like Parkview Moving if you want the job done right!

    It is important that you hire a moving company like us with whom you are comfortable working. Our moving company located in Ottawa offers an in-home estimate to determine how many belongings you have so that we can properly quote the job.

    An in-home estimate also allows them to see the layout of your home and whether or not moving items will be difficult.

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    How do I transfer from Ontario to Nova Scotia?

    It is not easy to trust all of your belongings to a company. It’s critical that you feel at ease with the company you’ve chosen and have faith in their level of service. Checking Google is the best way to find out that we are a reputable moving company in your area. You can read our reviews from previous customers to learn more about the company and whether or not there were any problems. You can also contact us directly to get quotes and find the best solution for your needs.

  • Parkview moving co. specializes in long-distance moves between Ontario and Quebec.

    Why should you go with Parkview Moving?

    We are the long-distance moving company you’ve been looking for. Our goal is to be the best not only in Ottawa but also in Canada. We’re here to make your move as simple and painless as possible.

    We are a company that prioritizes our customers, which means we value your move, your belongings, and your timeline. All of our employees have received extensive training in both their profession and customer service.

    We will treat your relocation as if it were our own. We will make your relocation stress-free! Whatever the reason for your long-distance move, we are the long-distance movers to get you there. So let’s make moving and storage something to look forward to. Book an appointment for your long-distance relocation with us today. Parkview Moving will make your relocation simple and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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